Buffin The Stix Slayer
The official site of Dale Griffin, aka 'Buffin', drummer of
Mott The Hoople, Mott and British Lions.

The official site of Dale Griffin, aka 'Buffin', drummer of
Mott The Hoople, Mott and British Lions.
Welcome to the official site of Dale Griffin, aka 'Buffin'.

For those who know the music of Mott The Hoople, Mott and British Lions, Buffin stands tall as the explosive and dynamic drummer who propelled the 'sound of furniture moving'.  As half of one of Britain's finest rhythm sections, along with bass player Overend Watts; Buffin's turbo-charged grooves, fiery fills  and kinetic playing exemplified the best of British rock music in the 1970's. 

Dale's bio and discography are extensively detailed on Mott The Hoople's official website, mottthehoople.com.

Here is where you can catch up to the latest news on Dale, read his blog, visit the photo gallery, and say, 'Hello!'


'Calling all Hooplers everywhere - Buffin here and hoping to hear from you.  As you are all probably now aware, I have been taken over by the alien 'Mr Alzheimer' and his evil ways and cannot now contact anyone myself.  However, he will not beat me, so I have directed my floozies, Lady Jean of The Buffesses and Dame Constance of The Colonies, (see administrators' photograph, do NOT mess with these ladies), to set up this web-site so that I can keep you all updated with news and events as they happen in my world, (assuming anyone is interested of course?).

Having tried to keep the flame of Mott The Hoople burning for the past 40 years, my reward came with the reception we got at Hammersmith in October, I was welverhomed and I hope this web-site is a small way of saying 'thank you'.  Looking forward to chatting with you all, so let's keep Hoopling!  Love Buffin'.


Dish From 'The Dame':
17 November 2013  Manchester O2
Hello, Fiends! Manchester and London were brilliant! So wish Dale could have been there.  Hope you all had a great time.
I am putting together a new page, 'Mottvember 2013'.  I am asking each of you to send in a favourite memory and/or pic from the MTH 2013 tour.  Please send them to me here or on Facebook ('Fiends Of Buffin'), and let's share our Mott-astic memories together, and most of all, with Dale. Keep Hooplin', Dame Constance xx
11 November 2013
Hello, fellow Hooplers and Fiends!  As Mottvember 2013 officially kicks off in Birmingham today, I would just like to ask all of you attending the gigs to save a snapshot (or two) of your favourite Mott-astic moments from the shows, pre- and after- meet ups, your best memories!  I will compile them and put them into a new album to be entitled, Mottvember 2013.  Let's share the music and fun with each other, but most of all, with Dale Griffin. Please keep him in your hearts and Rock 'n' Roll Away The Stone!!

8 September 2013
Hello, fellow Hooplers and Fiends!  Dame Constance here.  With Mott The Hoople poised to stage their first gigs ever without Dale Griffin, I think it most appropriate to create a new page, coming soon.  This will be dedicated to the upcoming MTH gigs in November, but especially devoted to Dale Griffin, and any thoughts, memories, pics, videos you want to share.  This is in conjunction with Lily Sherratt's wonderful FB Page, 'Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Mott and British Lions'.  So, again, please share forward and Keep Hooplin'!  Watch this space!!!

Snippets From 'The Buffess':
19 April 2012
'Hello all you Hooplers out there.  I'm so sorry that there haven't been any 'Snippets' for such a long time but the last few months have not been good
for Buff and myself.  As you are all probably aware, 'Mr Alzheimer' is a
cruel and heartless beast of a disease and it has tightened its grip on poor
Buff quite considerably so times have been, and still are, rough and I have
been in the 'slough of despond' I'm afraid.  However, physically, Buff is
still pretty good and although we can't be together any longer, I am trying
to make sure that I see him as often as possible and that he gets the best
possible care.

So, to this end, I have put Buff's pre-Hammersmith concerts
practise Roland electronic drum kit up for sale on e-Bay, together with his
drum stool and a pair of personalized stix. He spent many happy hours on it
before they got together to rehearse. The item number is 130682604390 if any
of you are interested or would like to have a look.  Here is the direct link to the eBay UK site, and any questions regarding the listing can be answered there.

Mott The Hoople's Dale 'Buffin' Griffin's Electronic Drum Kit

Meanwhile, please know that I really appreciate all your lovely messages of affection and support for Buff, they mean a lot to us.  Thank you all.  With love,'

The Buffess.

Dish From 'The Dame':
24 October 2011
Hello, Fiends, Hooplers, Friends and Relatives!
Today is  Dale's birthday.  Let's wish him lots of love, laughter, support and of course, cake!  :-)  -x Constance

17 September 2011
As the 2 year anniversary of 'Mottober 2009' (or was it 'Rocktober'?) approaches, Buffin's official website now has a new page devoted to that very special time that brought us MTH fans together again.

We laughed, we cried, we sang, we cheered, we didn't want it to end. Memories, photos, friendships, stories... whatever you want to share. So, sharpen those digital pencils, find those Mott-tastic pics, and let's all share it with each other, and most of all, with Buffin. Let's keep Hooplin', let's keep Buffin in our hearts, and let's let him know it! :-)  - x Constance


Snippets From 'The Buffess':

4 June 2011
'Hello all you great Hooplers out there, thought I would give you a quick catch up on what's happening in the life of Buff and The Buffess.
Brought Dale home to the Buff 'castle' last Sunday for a few hours, and we decided to 'boogie on down' as we listened to the radio.  Had a great time singing along to all the old '60s and '70s toons, I even managed to get the old boy dancing! Never been known before (to my knowledge).  Quite spooky though, as the second record they played after I'd put the radio on was 'RATS', spooky but brilliant and we had a really fun afternoon.  Spoiled him rotten with lots of treats and ice-cream, his waist-line won't thank me but, what the hey!!  If anyone deserves spoiling, he does.
Dale also asked me to thank you all again for all the wonderful messages of encouragement and support that you are posting, they really do make him feel good, so please keep 'em coming.'
Much love to you all
The Buffess xx


8 April 2011
For all Dale's good mates and fiends who have put so many messages on his web-site, just wanted to give you all an update on things as they are at the moment. We're still fighting hard and losing easy!!  However, when we had a night like we did in Hereford at the film festival, it gave Dale and myself such a boost!  Dale had just the best time and it was truely wonderful to see him chatting and laughing with everyone.  We met so many lovely, lovely people who were very supportive and encouraging, I'm really glad that we attended, I was very worried that it would be too much for Dale, but he loved it and thanks to Peter, 'Liverpool Rocks' Morris who came with us and has been such a good friend to us, all was well and went far better that I could have expected.
Dale is keeping very well physically but he does have periods of anxiety and confusion which are very distressing for him but, generally, he keeps in good spirits considering what he is going through.  I really wish that he could answer all your messages himself but, unfortunately, that is just not possible anymore, however, rest assured that I read everyone of them to him.  Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, Dale in no longer able to stay in his home and is now in a residential home locally.  It is not ideal, although it is a very nice place, but as there are no residential homes available for younger people with Alzheimer's, it is the best we can do for him and he seems to be settling down quite well there.  Luckily we have a few good friends who visit him and I make sure that I take him out as often as possible.
So, once again, I thank you for your messages and I will try my best to keep you all informed about Dale as often as I can.
much love
The Buffess.


18 January 2011
To all you wonderful people out there, can I just send a huge THANK YOU for all your seasonal and New Year messages and good wishes, what a great boost they have been for Buff and myself.  Unfortunately, Buff is still in hospital and I would like to apologize for the lack of news on this great site lately, all due to much upheaval and my own personal illness here in the 'land of groping to make sense of what seems to be the great unfairness of life'.
However, we battle on and Buff & I are still trying to stay as positive as possible. Your support and affection help more than you could possibly imagine and, for that, I thank you all again.
With much love - The Buffess
P.S. - Well done - Keith, I watched you on Mastermind - truly 'worra bloke'  ( I scored 17 on the MTH questions but not so good on the General Knowledge, that score I will keep to myself!!!!)

Dish From 'The Dame':
31 December 2010
Hello Hooplers,
Dame Constance here, wishing you all a most pleasant 2011, and a big 'THANK  YOU' for helping to make this site what it is.  Dale and Jean have been so touched by the many messages of friendship, encouragement, best wishes and wonderful memories that you have shared with them over the past several months.

I will be posting news from The Buffess in the next couple weeks or so, maybe a blog from Dale.  Also, new photos and perhaps a vid clip or two.  Hope your 2011 is Hoople-riffic, Mott-tastic, and roars like a British Lion!
x Constance


 Snippets From 'The Buffess':

18 October 2010
Hello, Hooplers,
I am chuffed that the MTH documentary film appears to be a smashing success, by all accounts.  Unfortunately, Dale and I were unable to attend the London premiere. He went into hospital last week for some tests, and I myself have not been feeling well.   This has been an arduous month for us both.  Dale is NOT in a nursing home, as has been rumoured.  He is presently still in hospital, while we await results.  Thank you for your support, and rest assured, we will let you know when we have some news.

The Buffess


25 September 2010
Hello, Hooplers... Lady Jean here.  DALE IS DEFINITELY ATTENDING THE MEMORY WALK ON SUNDAY 26 SEPTEMBER.  He hopes to see you there!

Many thanks,
The Buffess


17 September 2010
Hello, Hooplers!  Here is the info for the Memory Walk:

11am, 26 September

Bryn Bach Park
Merthyr Road
Blaenau Gwent
NP22 3AY


Hope to see you there!  Many thanks,
The Buffess

14 September 2010
Greetings from The Buffess
There is a possibility that Dale will be taking part in an Alzheimer's Memory Walk on 26th September here in Wales, not sure of exact location at the moment but will keep you all posted.  If any of you feel you would like to come along and cheer Dale on, we would be delighted to see you. Note of warning though, although Dale is always delighted to talk to fans, as I'm sure all of you know, he is no longer able to do autographs on demand, it takes him a while to get his thoughts together, so it would be very much appreciated if you do not request any.  I hope you all understand.
many thanks
The Buffess

2 September 2010
Dale's BBC radio interview is being broadcast this Saturday, 4 September 2010,  on BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live at 9am GMT
1 September 2010
Welcome to Buffin's web-site which has made its appearance totally due to the expertise and talent of Dame Constance Van Beek of the Colonies.  'Snippets' will be a means by which I can keep you all updated on Dale's health and well-being and any interesting events that might happen in his life.  Dale and I were at school together back in the Dark Ages and we hooked up again around 2000. Despite the appearance of 'Mr Alzheimer', I have never regretted it, although it has been quite a traumatic time for both of us.

Dale is the kindest, funniest, most interesting and just all-round nicest man I know, he is also one of the few men I know who actually LIKES women, he doesn't just pay lip-service to the idea in these politically correct times, he really does like them as people, even though he has had his own 'Trouble With Women' in the past.  We've both been 'tickled pink' by the support and encouragement that we've had over the past 12 months, so to all his fans and friends, 'more power to your elbow' as we say down here in darkest Wales, boyo!
Here's looking forward to hearing from more of you and from both of us a huge THANKS
Love from The Buffess